Saturday 21 January 2012

Touch of Power Blog Tour: Q&A With Maria V. Snyder

To celebrate the release of Touch of Power, the first book in her new Healer series I'm thrilled to have Maria V. Snyder here today to answer a few of my questions.  I absolutely loved Touch of Power (my review will be posted later today) so I'm excited to find out more about the rest of the series.

They destroyed her world.
But she's their only hope...

Avry's power to heal the sick should earn her respect in the plague-torn land of Kazan.  Instead she is feared.  Her kind are blamed for the horrifying disease that has taken hold of the nation.

When Avry uses her forbidden magic to save a dying child, she faces the guillotine.  Until a dark, mysterious man rescues her from her prison cell.  His people need Avry's magic to save their dying prince.  The very prince who first unleashed the plague on Kazan.

Saving the prince is certain to kill Avry - yet she already faces a violent death.  Now she must choose - use her healing touch to show the ultimate mercy or die a martyr to a lost cause?

Healer Series:
Touch of Power
Scent of Magic (Release date TBC)
Taste of Death (Release date TBC)

Visit Maria V. Snyder's website or the Touch of Power website for more information

Mira Ink have created a fab book trailer which you can watch here:

They are also giving you the chance to enter their fab contest to try and win an iPad (If I had the faintest idea about how to create a video review I'd be very tempted to give it a try!)

Create a video review of A Touch of Power and be in with a chance of winning an iPad!

Maria V. Snyder has teamed up with top teen mag Mizz to give you the chance to win an iPad and be the official book review for MizzMag TV to boot! All you need to do to enter is make a video review of A Touch of Power. MIRA Ink is giving away free review copies to the first 50 people who get in touch, so visit facebook/MIRAInk for more details on how to get involved! Also, check out Mizz Mag TV at for an exclusive video of Maria talking about her new Healer series!

Have you seen the animated book cover yet?  Isn't it beautiful!

Now I'd like to say a massive welcome to Maria V. Snyder and thank her for taking the time to answer my questions:

Maria V. Snyder

1. How long did it take you to write A Touch of Power? Have you finished writing Scent of Magic?

It took me about six months to write Touch of Power. I'm currently working on Scent of Magic – I'm about half way through right now.

2. What gave you the idea for the Healer series? How many books will there be?

In my first fantasy series, the main protagonist, Yelena was able to heal, but it was only one of her many abilities. I wanted to explore this magical power more in depth. So I had this vague idea about a healer or an apprentice healer during an epidemic. She was either going to be sought after for her powers – like everyone wanting her, or be hunted. I wasn’t sure. Then one night my daughter couldn’t sleep and she wanted me to tell her a story. She knew all my other books, so I started telling her about this healer. And every night, she’d ask, “What’s next?” That’s why Touch of Power is dedicated to my daughter. Right now, I plan to write three books. Taste of Death is the title of the third.

3. Do you already know how the series ends? Have you plotted the whole series in advance or do you just have a vague idea where you'd like the story to go?

I've just a vague idea. I'm definitely a seat of the pants writer and discover the story as I write. At this point, I don't even know how the second book is going to end!

4. Who is your favourite character? Are they also the easiest one to write?

Janco from my Study and Glass books is my favourite – no doubt! He’s just a fun, quirky character that goes off on unusual tangents and I love writing about him. And, yes he is the easiest to write.

5. Do your characters always do what you want them to or do they sometimes surprise you and change the direction of the story?

It depends on the character. Some decide they're not going to follow any of my preconceived notions and do their own thing, changing the direction of the story. While others are happy to play along. And some are down right difficult. Devlen in the Glass books would not cooperate at all. He caused me the most trouble and I had a terrible bout of writer's block because of him!

Thanks so much Maria, I can't wait to read the rest of the series!  I can't believe I've not read any of your other books yet (even though I have most of them already sitting on my bookshelves!) but at least that gives me something to get started on while I wait for Scent of Magic to be released.

Have you read Touch of Power yet?  If you have I'd love to know what you think of it.  Don't forget to check back later to read my review.  I'd also love to know if you've read any of Maria's other books, I have the 2 Insider books, the first 2 Glass books and the first book in the Study series all on my to read pile - which series should I start first?


  1. I really want to read this! Also I love that Maria's characters didn't behave for her!

    Will have to lok up Maria's other books too :)

  2. I've read all of Maria books including Touch of Power - and I love them all! I would read teh Study series before the Glass one as they're set in the same world and some characters cross over. I would recommend them all though! :)

  3. @ Hannah - I've not read any of Maria's other books either but I loved this one so will definitely be picking up some of her others. I always think it is interesting how characters are able to surprise the authors!

    @ Mel - I didn't realise that the Study and Glass series were linked so thanks for the heads up about that. I'll make sure I read them in the right order :o) I'm looking forward to giving them a try



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