Wednesday 5 December 2012

Review: Underwater Dogs - Seth Casteel

From the water's surface, it's a simple exercise: a dog's leap, a splash, and then a wet head surfacing with a ball, triumphant.

But beneath the water is a chaotic ballet of bared teeth and bubbles, paddling paws, fur and ears billowing in the currents. From leaping Lab to diving Dachshund, the water is where a dog's personality shines through;  some lounge in the current, paddling slowly, but others arch their bodies to cut through the water with the focus and determination of a shark.

In more than eighty portraits, award-winning pet photographer and animal rights activist Seth Casteel captures new sides of our old friends with vibrant underwater photography that makes it impossible to look away. Each image bubbles with exuberance and life, a striking reminder that even in the most loveable and domesticated dog, there are primal forces at work. In Underwater Dogs, Seth Casteel gives playful and energetic testament to the rough-and-tumble joy that our dogs bring into our lives.

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Underwater Dogs is a fabulous photography book full of pictures of, yes you guessed it, underwater dogs! The photos range from cute to hilarious to downright absurd but one thing that is completely obvious its that these dogs are loving every minute of their photo shoots. I swear in most of the photos you can actually see the smiles on their faces.

This is the kind of book that is perfect to flick through when you're having a bad day and you want something to cheer you up. It definitely has a place on my keeper shelf and I know it's one I'll be going back to time and time again. Our family dog when I was growing up loved nothing more than swimming and I just wish that we'd had the idea to invest in an underwater camera - Seth Casteel you are a genius. What I really want to know is if he is planning a second book called Underwater Cats because I'd pay a fortune for a copy of that one!

Every single visitor to my house this week has picked this book up from the coffee table and laughed out loud while they flicked through it, even the ones who aren't particularly keen on dogs. Underwater Dogs is a perfect gift for any dog lover this Christmas and if my review hasn't convinced you that this is a book you need to have in your life then perhaps the following pictures will (the pictures included in my review have been posted with permission from the book's UK publisher Headline)

Who could resist those cute (if slightly manic and occasionally terrifying!) faces? This really is a must read book!

Source: Received from Headline in exchange for an honest review

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  1. That is awesome! So glad you could share some of the pictures with us :D

  2. Hi Erika, the pictures are awesome aren't they! I laughed a lot looking through this book :o)



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