Monday 15 May 2017

Review: Damon - J.C. Daniels

Exclusive short story for J.C. Daniels / Shiloh Walker supporters on Patreon:

This is a prequel to the Kit Colbana series featuring Damon

The Colbana Files:
A Stroke of Dumb Luck (Free Short Story)
Bladed Magic (Short Story)
Damon (Novella)
Blade Song
Blade Song: Special Anniversary Edition
Night Blade
Broken Blade
Edged Blade
Misery's Way (Novella)
Shadowed Blade
Haunted Blade

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Damon is a short story set in the Colbana Files world and its only available to Shiloh Walker's (aka J.C. Daniels) supporters on Patreon. You can sign up for as little as a dollar so it doesn't cost a fortune but it's a great way to help out an author you love and you only pay per story so you're always getting something for your money.

If you're a fan of the Colbana Files then you're going to love this novella, it's set just before Blade Song (although I think you'll enjoy it more if you're already familiar with the characters so I'd recommend reading it after that book) and gives us the chance to see what Damon's life was like before he met Kit. We get to find out why nobody worries when Doyle first goes missing, see more of the friendship between Damon and Chang as well as visit Alisdair and the wolf pack.

I enjoyed seeing certain things from Damon's point of view and this was a nice little teaser that's left me even more eager to read the next book in the series.

Source: Purchased via Patreon sponsorship

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