Sunday 9 July 2017

FairyLoot Unboxing - June 2017 "Elementalists"

FairyLoot June Box "Elementalists"

This was my second FairyLoot box and I love it even more than the May one! As a huge fantasy fan and collector of beautiful hardbacks I still think this is the best UK subscription box out there, the fact that all the books are either standalone or the first in a series helps and if you look at the theme for each month you can usually work out what the book will be with just a small amount of research (something I prefer to do as the book is usually the most valuable part of the box and I don't want to end up paying out for books I don't want or equally annoying would be ending up with multiple copies). I was actually able to cancel my preorders for both the May and June books because I knew they'd be in my FairyLoot boxes so that just proves that the books are ones I wanted anyway and makes the subscription even more worthwhile in my opinion.

I'm going to assume that anyone reading this post has either already received their box or are here looking for spoilers so don't look any further if you don't want to know!

Full contents of the June FairyLoot Box (with bonus cat!)

The June book was Roar by Cora Carmack, the fantastic start to her new Stormheart series. I've already read it (you can read my review here) and it's a brilliant story with a really sweet romance and some amazing action scenes as the main characters are all storm chasers! FairyLoot always put their books in a really cute FairyLoot bag that protects them from damage during shipping and they include their FairyScoop which has an interview with the author, a separate letter from the author and a signed bookplate as well as a bookmark that matches the artwork for the month's box.

The first item in the June box was a candle from Witchwood Remedies, they created 5 exclusive Stormheart Candles and I received the Firestorm one which has a lovely spicy smell (I wish it told you the scent on the label). It's so pretty that I don't want to burn it but apparently hidden inside are crystals that match the stormhearts from the book which is pretty cool!

The second item was a lip balm from Geeky Clean which was inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender. Again there were several different types of lip balm, one for each of the elements, and I received the Air Bender one. I don't actually know anything about The Last Airbender so it's not a fandom I have any interest in but I love lip balms and mine is vanilla which happens to be my favourite scents so I'm very happy with that.

The next item was this lovely bracelet from In the Moment. It's a Hamsa Hand bracelet that is supposed to bring the owner happiness, luck, health and good fortune - something I'm sure everyone could do with a little more of - so lets hope it works!

It also included was a Clairvoyance Soap from Ascent Bath and Body which smells ridiculously good, it was the first thing I smelt when I opened the box and I honestly can't stop sniffing it LOL. The scent is White Fig and Pomegranate and its absolutely divine.

FairyLoot also had these really cute Potion Bottle sticky notes made especially for this box and I totally love them. You can never have to many sticky notes but these might just be too cute to actually use!

Last but definitely not least (this is actually my favourite item in the box apart from the book!) was this gorgeous cushion designed by Miss Phi. The quote is one of my favourites so this is definitely going to take pride of place on my sofa!

So there you have it, the contents of the June FairyLoot box. What do you think? Once again I'm incredibly impressed with this box and I definitely think you get a lot of value for money. I'll be continuing my subscription that's for sure!


  1. I loved the June box.
    I didn't get the July box, but couldn't resist the August box

    1. The June box was amazing wasn't it! I can't wait to see what's in the July box and I think the August one is going to be fantastic, I never thought I'd like subscription boxes but it's so much fun getting to open them and see what's inside. I'm glad Fairyloot make it fairly easy to figure out the books though, I can only justify buying them if I know they're going to include a book I already wanted.

  2. It's so frigging pretty! I don't like the book, but everything else rocks :D

    1. Unfortunately this box always includes YA fantasy titles so not really your kind of books Aly LOL. It's definitely perfect for me though & I love all the other items included :o)

  3. That cushion is amazing. I also heard fantastic things about "Roar".

    1. Roar is fabulous Georgiana, definitely a book I'm happy to recommend. I'm totally in love with the cushion too, it's just so pretty!



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