Wednesday 12 July 2017

Review: Foundation - Ann Aguirre

In Ann Aguirre's award-winning novel, Enclave, humans have taken refuge in colonies below ground. Here is the story of what drove them there, told through the eyes of a teen who would later have vast influence over the fate of many, and who gave his heart to the one person who needed him most.

Razorland Series:
Foundation (Free short story on the Tor website)
Endurance (Novella)
Restoration (Free short story on the MacMillan website)

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Foundation is a prequel short story to Ann Aguirre's Razorland series that can be read for free on the Tor website or can be purchased as an ebook from Amazon (and assumably other ebook retailers).

I really enjoyed Enclave but I had a lot of questions about how the world was destroyed and how people ended up living underground in small communities so it was really nice to go back and see where things all started to go wrong. This story doesn't feature any of the characters from the main series (it's set many years before Enclave starts) but it does fill in some background about the world and there is even a little romance included. It's only short so there's not much time for character development but this was still a nice little addition to the series.

Source: Read for free on the Tor website

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