Thursday 5 July 2012

Book Trailer & Cover Comparison: Velvet - Mary Hooper

Last year I read and loved Velvet by Mary Hooper. Set in Victorian England Velvet tells the story of a young orphan whose life changes dramatically when she is able to give up the back breaking job she has in the laundry to work as a lady's maid for a renowned medium. This really is a fantastic story and one that I would highly recommend - you can read my review here.

Have a look at the book trailer & let me know what you think:

Velvet was initially published by Bloomsbury as a trade paperback last September and is released again today as a normal paperback with a new cover.

Original Cover:

New Cover:

Which cover do you prefer? I really like the original cover, the candle fits well with the atmosphere of the story and makes me think of night time and creepy dark places like where Madame Savoya holds her seances. I think I actually prefer the new cover though, I love the blue colour and the way that Velvet is highlighted against the shadowy background. Velvet looks just how I pictured her as I was reading the story and I love it when the cover model actually looks like the main character.

If you're a fan of historical fiction, have even the slightest interest in seances or have any curiosity about the tricks mediums can use to make people believe them then I'd definitely recommend picking up a copy of Velvet.


  1. I'm really torn with the covers! I love the colors of the 2nd one, with the blues and silver. I LOVE that but I like the candle and that her face is a bit fuzzy in the original cover. But...I think I have to go with the 2nd one, I'm just not a fan of red haha.

  2. Hi Felicia, I found it really hard to choose between these ones too but like you I finally went with the second one. Blue is one of my favourite colours and I'm not a big fan of red either lol



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