Wednesday 18 July 2012

Review: The Theory of Attraction - Delphine Dryden

Camilla can set her watch by her hunky rocket-scientist neighbour who jogs past her window each day. She relishes each glimpse of his shirtless abs, and is dying to see more. But it’s hard to connect with a man who doesn’t seem to know she exists…

Ivan feels at home in the lab, not in social situations. When he finally approaches his attractive neighbour, it’s not for a date—he wants tutoring in how to behave at an important fundraiser. Ivan doesn’t expect the chemistry between them to be quite so explosive, and is surprised when Cami actually accepts his proposal to embark on a series of “lessons”.

Cami soon discovers Ivan’s schedule isn’t the only thing he likes to be strict about—he needs to be charge in the bedroom as well. She’s shocked at how much she comes to enjoy her submissive side, but wonders if a real relationship is in the equation…

Science of Seduction Series:
The Theory of Attraction
The Seduction Hypothesis
The Principle of Desire

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Cami has been crushing on her neighbour for a year but although they have become friends he doesn't seem to notice her as a woman. Ivan may be highly intelligent but he is hopeless in social situations. With his job on the line unless he learns to woo potential investors at a fundraiser he asks Cami to teach him how to act. Cami jumps at the chance of spending time with Ivan and decides to use the situation to her advantage and try to seduce him. What she doesn't expect is that instead of being the teacher she is about to become the student as Ivan shows her how much he likes to take control in the bedroom.

The Theory of Attraction is a short but intensely erotic read and I think it makes a great introduction to the dominant / submissive lifestyle. I know very little about d/s relationships so I found that side of the story a revelation and really interesting. The story also includes some light BDSM with spanking and mild flogging involved.

Ivan is like no other hero I've read about before. He is very much a geek, super intelligent but completely out of his comfort zone when he is forced into social situations. I actually think he has at least a mild case of aspergers because he has absolutely no concept of social boundaries - I have a friend with aspergers and the way Ivan interacts with the people around him really reminded me of her. Although he comes across as rude he is actually a really nice guy, he is just misunderstood because of the way he acts. Ivan is honest to a fault and can be very blunt because he has no idea that what he says might hurt someone's feelings. He likes to be in control and has OCD tendencies that show in his need for routine. That and the fact he demands honesty from those around him explain why being a dominant suits him so well. It is a lifestyle where everything is very upfront, boundaries are agreed in advance and there are safe words in place to make sure he doesn't over step the mark. It helps him avoid confusion because he struggles to read people and it allows him to be in charge of everything that happens. He can make his own rules so that nothing surprises him.

I think it would be fair to say that I developed a bit of a crush on Ivan but I think in reality life with him would probably drive me insane! I don't think I could cope with the way he finds it so hard to show his emotions, not because he doesn't have them but because he doesn't know how to express them. Luckily for him Cami is a lot more understanding than I would have been, she sees the things he doesn't know how to say and they make a really good couple because of that. She may be new to being a submissive but it is obviously a role that suits her well and Ivan introduces her to things gently enough to not scare her away.

Ivan and Cami are definitely compatible in the bedroom and the sex scenes are Hot with a capital H. The story isn't just one long sex scene though and there are some really funny and sweet moments between them. I laughed out loud at the lessons Cami gives Ivan on how to behave in public - she has to point out things that are so obvious to most of us but he is completely clueless about. No one would suspect that under Ivan's geeky exterior lurks a kinky and controlling dominant who knows exactly what he wants both in the bedroom and out of it. I think Cami actually learns more from him than he does from her and she certainly enjoys every one of her lessons. It just goes to show that it's always the quiet ones!

Source: Received from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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