Wednesday 5 September 2012

Guest Review: Plugged - Eoin Colfer

I get my love of reading from my Dad, I remember constantly begging him to read "just one more story" before bed on pretty much a nightly basis until I was able to read books for myself. He doesn't have to read to me any more but we quite often talk about the various books we've been reading and now instead of begging for another bedtime story I'm always asking him to have a go at writing a review for me! Anyway, I finally got him to write his second review for the blog so please give him a warm welcome!

I read the early Artemis Fowl books by Eoin Colfer way back before I started blogging (it's a series that I've been wanting to re-read and catch up with so I must try and get around to it soon) but after reading Dad's review it looks like I also need to add Plugged to my to read pile.

"Once I have hair I will be happy"
At least that is what Irish ex-army sergeant Daniel McEvoy tells himself.

As doorman at a seedy New Jersey casino, dealing with unpleasant customers, a psychotic neighbour and a receding hairline are all part of Dan's daily grind. Then, one especially bad day, his friend, dodgy doctor Zeb Kronski, mysteriously disappears, and his sometime girlfriend, casino hostess Connie, is found dead with a hole in her head.

Dan's been framed for a crime he didn't commit and is drawn into a deadly chain of events where a cop-killing female cop becomes his only ally and he makes an enemy of a ruthless drug-dealer. As his day goes from bad to worse, Dan discovers that his battle against baldness is the least of his worries.

Dad's Review:
I really liked Plugged, it's full of action and off-beat humour. This is the first Eoin Colfer book I've read and I regret that the Artemis Fowl novels came out after my daughter had passed the "reading to" stage (my son was never into having fiction read to him).

The story has elements of the super efficient killing machine ex soldier hero but with a large dose of irony and humour. It also has a dash of Raymond Chandler

It starts with Daniel McEvoy thinking -
"The great Stephen King once wrote "don't sweat the small stuff" which I mulled over for long enough to realise that I don't entirely agree with it. I get what he means: we all have enough major sorrow in our lives without freaking out over the day-to-day hangnails and such, but sometimes sweating the small stuff helps you make it through the big stuff"

This sets the tone for the story - a most enjoyable read.

Source: My Dad's own copy

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