Wednesday 14 November 2012

Book Trailer: Reached - Ally Condie

I'm actually very late to jump on the bandwagon for the incredibly popular Matched trilogy by Ally Condie because I only read Matched last week but I can tell you now that I absolutely loved it! The best thing about coming to a series so late is that I don't have a lengthy wait between instalments and I can't wait to read Crossed and the finale to the trilogy Reached!

I'll be posting my review of Matched later on today but if you haven't discovered the series yet then it's one I can't recommend highly enough for fans of dystopian fiction. It's a fabulous introduction to the series! If you've already read the first two books then you'll be very pleased to know that you only have a couple more weeks before you can get your hands on Reached, it is published in the UK on the 30th of November. While you're waiting I thought you might like to see the trailer:

What do you think? So how many of you are fans of the series who have been desperately waiting for the final book to release?

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