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Review: Venus Desiring - Golden Angel

Spend enough time around a submissive and eventually you’ll meet a Dom. And that’s exactly what happens to Jessica’s best friend Hilary. Liam is gorgeous, irresistible, and ready for relationship. But despite seeing how happy Justin and Chris make Jessica, Hilary’s just not sure if the lifestyle is right for her. And despite how attracted he is to Hilary, Liam definitely isn’t ready to train a newbie to the scene.

Meanwhile, Jessica, Justin, and Chris are ready to take their relationship to the next level but the painful rejection of Jessica’s family is keeping her from fully investing in everything they could be. Hilary and Liam just might thrive if they can ever get it together, but will Jessica, Justin and Chris survive all of the pressure that they’re under now?

Editor’s note: Venus Desiring is a high-heat romantic adventure that contains elements of MF, MFM, and other extremely mature themes. It is book three in the Venus Rising series and is intended to be read and enjoyed after Venus School and Venus Aspiring. Proceed with caution (or excitement)!

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Jessica and her men couldn't be happier when they're spending time alone together or around understanding friends like Hilary or the other members of Stronghold but it's not so easy in the real world. Chris' parents have disowned him, Justin's mother is slowly coming around to the idea of their relationship but Jessica's parents are just refusing to deal with the issue and have stopped returning her phone calls. The lack of communication is driving Jessica crazy but she's also finding it difficult to know how to introduce her two boyfriends to the other people in her life because she's scared of the judgement she'll receive.

The triad have a lot to deal with in this instalment, the family pressure is one thing but it's all made a million times worse when Jessica's evil ex-boyfriend gets wind of her new relationship and starts trying to cause trouble for her. I really love these three, I appreciate the way they communicate with each other and I think Golden Angel does a brilliant job of showing how hard this kind of relationship can be because of other people's reactions. It's not common to find three people in a committed relationship and it's not something that can easily be hidden in the long term unless they never want to be able to date outside of their own homes. Most erotic romances focus on the sex and romance side so it's refreshing to come across a series that shows the potential issues too.

While Venus Desiring gives us the chance to see how Jessica, Justin and Chris are settling into their relationship we also get a whole new romance between Hilary and Liam which I loved. I definitely have a new book boyfriend in Liam, I think one of the things I find most interesting about him is that although he's a Dom he's not so hardcore into the scene as most of the Dominant characters I come across. Yes he likes to be in charge but apart from the odd minor spanking he's far more interested in pleasure than any kind of pain which suits Hilary perfectly as she's still very new to the BDSM scene and has no interest in being whipped. The scenes with Jessica, Justin and Chris are as hot as always but I think Liam and Hilary's romance ended up being even hotter, I loved their role playing and they definitely left me in need of a cold shower by the end of the book!

I'm so glad I started reading this series, it's been a lot of fun and I'm fully invested in all of the characters now so I can't wait to see what happens next. I REALLY hope that Jessica's ex is made to suffer in the next book for his actions in this one.

Source: Received from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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