Monday 20 January 2020

Review: Venus Rising Boxset - Golden Angel

All four books of the Venus Rising Quartet and the final chapter in the saga - Venus Wedding!

Venus School - Eager to learn more about herself, Jessica enrolls at the Venus School... but when she discovers just how attracted she is to two of her instructors, she's becomes less interested in the pleasure-centered program and more interested in fulfilling her fantasies with the two men.

Venus Aspiring - After graduating from the Venus School, Jessica returns home only to find that her instructors are closer than she thought. Even though both men are willing to fight for Jessica, she's not ready to choose one over the other... but she can't have both of them, can she?

Venus Desiring - Jessica, Justin, and Chris are ready to take their relationship to the next level, but the painful rejection of Jessica's family is keeping her from fully investing in the relationship. Meanwhile, Jessica's best friend Hilary has become entangled with Justin and Chris' friend Liam, but the path to love is never easy even as a couple.

Venus Transcendent - Jessica is determined to face her family and choose her own happiness, but as the trio approaches their future more united than ever, it's Liam and Hilary who begin to falter. Can a Happily-Ever-After be in the cards for all of them?

Venus Wedding - It's the wedding of the season! But one of the guests arrives with ulterior motives - will Jessica, Chris, and Justin's triad be undermined just before they finally get everything they ever wanted?

Editor’s note: The Venus Rising series is a high-heatromantic adventure that contains elements of MF, MFM, and other extremelymature themes. Proceed with caution (or excitement, whichever)!

Venus Rising Series:
The Venus School
Venus Aspiring
Venus Desiring
Venus Transcendent
Venus Wedding
Venus Rising Boxset (Contains all 5 books in the series)

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I've already reviewed each of the Venus Rising books separately but rather than just copying and pasting those reviews here I wanted to give you an overview of the series since this box set contains all 5 stories.

This series starts with Jessica attending the Venus School of sex where she gets to experiment with her sexuality and fulfil all of her wildest fantasies. She went there hoping to learn her preferences but she didn't expect to develop feelings for two of her instructors. She's thrown for an even bigger loop when she returns home only to discover that Justin and Chris both work for the same company as her and that they're both interested in dating her outside of the school. Their developing relationship is the focus of the whole series and while they have fantastic chemistry from the get go what I really appreciated was that this series also shows how difficult it can be to maintain an unconventional relationship when the rest of the world start passing judgement.

There's no denying that this series is hot as hell but these characters also go on an emotional journey that was really satisfying to read about. Not only do they have all of the normal relationship issues but they also have to deal with disapproval from family and friends who can't understand how a triad relationship could ever work. Luckily they do have supportive friends though. Jessica's best friend Hilary has her back from the beginning (and the relationship that develops between her and Liam, one of Justin and Chris's fellow Dom friends, is another highlight of the series!) and they also get a lot of support from members of the Stronghold sex club where they all like to hang out on a regular basis.

I'm not going to lie there are definitely some editing issues with this book with missing or incorrect words etc and I wasn't always comfortable with some of Golden Angel's word choices but there was something compelling about the characters that kept me hooked throughout. The Venus Rising series also introduces a lot of characters who get their own books in the Stronghold series and I honestly can't wait to start reading those too.

Source: Received from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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