Sunday 19 January 2020

Review: The Venus School - Golden Angel

Eager to learn more about herself and embrace her submissive fantasies, Jessica enrolls at The Venus School with every intent of excelling at the pleasure-centered program. But when she discovers just how attracted she is to her instructors, her dedication to expanding her horizons wavers. Fortunately, both Justin and Chris consider Jessica a star student and teacher’s pet, and each of them seems intent on winning her for himself.

When Jessica unexpectedly falls for both men, she decides to ace their Menage A Trois course. But will she be forced to choose between them when it’s finally time to graduate?

Editor’s note: Venus School is a high-heat romantic adventure that contains elements of MF, MFM, and FF. It’s the first installment of the Venus Rising series and is intended to be read and enjoyed first. Proceed with caution (or excitement)!

Venus Rising Series:
The Venus School
Venus Aspiring
Venus Desiring
Venus Transcendent
Venus Wedding
Venus Rising Boxset (Contains all 5 books in the series)

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I've heard great things about Golden Angel's erotic romances and have been wanting to try her books for a while so when I was offered a chance to review the Venus Rising Boxset I couldn't resist diving into this series. The boxset contains all 5 Venus Rising stories but I'm going to review them all individually as I go, along with a series overview when I've read them all.

The Venus School is all about getting to know the main character Jessica and watching her explore her sexual fantasies by enrolling for a two week course at the Venus School for Sex. Students get to choose what lessons they'd like to take part in, everything from sensual touching and massage, masturbation through to anal sex and/or menage with anything else you can think of in between. There are plenty of experienced instructors around or students are welcome to practise together after classes so as you can imagine this is a book with multiple partners and a huge amount of kinky sex.

Jessica has never had much of a chance to explore her fantasies, her ex-boyfriend made her feel dirty for wanting to try out things like spanking but staff and students at the school are all so open and happy about their own kinks that it gives her the freedom to explore things she'd never considered before. I'm all for stories where sex as seen as something positive and fun rather than something to be ashamed of so I really liked the open atmosphere. We get to know Jessica quite well in this first instalment but while she's spent time exploring with Justin and Chris they're still a bit of a mystery so I'm looking forward to getting to know them both better as the series continues.

I don't tend to read a lot of erotic romance with quite this much partner swapping but I have to admit this was one of the hottest books I've read in absolutely ages so I'm really looking forward to diving into Venus Aspiring. Justin and Chris have a lot of explaining to do if they're going to get Jessica back on side but I have a feeling it won't be too hard to bring her around to their way of thinking.

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