Sunday 17 March 2013

Review: The Memory Coder - Jessica Brody

When a security breach is detected, the Memory Restoration Department is called upon to do what they do best: make you forget. But with every memory that’s taken out, a new one must be installed in its place. It’s a job that requires skill, artistry, discretion, and flawless proficiency in the language of memories. That’s why only the best programmers in the world are recruited to work for the department. But diving too far into another person’s memories is a dangerous endeavour. And for some, the temptation is just too strong.

“The Memory Coder,” an original story by Jessica Brody, is set in the world of Unremembered, the first book in a sci-fi/suspense trilogy, on sale March 5, 2013.

This short story can be read for free on the Tor website here.

Unremembered Series:
The Memory Coder (Free short story on the Tor website)
Undiscovered (Novella)
Unleashed (Novella)
The Intelligence Director (Free short story on the Tor website)
The Human Engineer (Free short story on the Tor website)

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The Memory Coder is a free short story that can be read on the Tor website here. It is set in the same world as Unremembered by Jessica Brody and fits into the time line before the first book. Although it is set before Unremembered I would personally recommend reading this story after the book because it does give an insight into events that you don't find out about until later on in the novel. I think the story will also make more sense if you've already read the book. That slight spoiler is mentioned in the next paragraph of my review so if you don't want to know more and you haven't read Unremembered yet then you may want to stop reading now.

Having already read Unremembered I really enjoyed The Memory Coder, it was nice to find out more about how the Memory Restoration Department go about removing memories. The idea of someone writing code that will create false memories that can be implanted directly into your brain is incredibly creepy and I have to admit that the idea of it really freaks me out. Imagine not being able to trust that your own memories are real! I wouldn't want to live in this world that's for sure!

The story is fairly easy to predict but it's hard to create much intrigue in such a short amount of time and I still enjoyed following it to the end. If you enjoyed Unremembered then I'd definitely recommend giving this one a try.

Source: Read for free at the Tor website here.

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