Sunday 19 October 2014

Quick Review: Power Study - Maria V. Snyder

Power Study is a short story that can be read for free on Maria V. Snyder's website HERE.

Ari and Janco deal with a Sandseed Story Weaver and a cocky young soldier while Valek is off helping Yelena.

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Power Study is a free short story that can be read on Maria V. Snyder's website here. It fits into the time line of the series during events in Fire Study so I wouldn't recommend reading it until after you've finished that book.

Ari and Janco were my favourite side characters in the series, they added a lot of humour to every scene they were in so I was excited to spend some time getting to know them a bit better. This short story shows us what they got up to towards the end of Fire Study when Valek was off on a secret mission leaving Ari and Janco in charge of the other soldiers in the Commander's army. Since the two of them have never been particularly good at following orders I'm sure you can imagine the kind of trouble they get themselves into!

I'm not going to go into the plot because you should just read it for yourself to see what happens but I loved seeing things from their POV. They are both such fun characters and I enjoyed the chance to get inside their heads for a bit. I will say that I wish it had been longer but then I say that with any short story I read.

I love the fact that Maria V. Snyder has given us these little shorts to show us more of the side characters we've come to love throughout the series. It's always nice when authors give a little something back to their fans and it's something I really appreciate.

Source: Free read on Maria V. Snyder's website here.

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