Monday 23 September 2013

Read Truly by Ruthie Knox for FREE on Wattpad (for a limited time only)

If you've ever seen any of my reviews for Ruthie Knox's books you'll already know what a huge fan I am of her work. She is without a doubt one of my favourite contemporary romance authors and her stories are full of fantastic easy to relate to characters, a lot of humour and some of the sexiest heroes you'll ever come across. I would happily recommend any of her stories (in fact I think you should go out and grab them all immediately!) but I know how hard it is to decide what books to spend your hard earned money on so I thought you might like to know about the chance to try one of her novels for FREE.

Ruthie and her publisher Random House Loveswept are having a fantastic promotion for her newest novel Truly and it is currently available for fans to read for free on Wattpad. Ruthie is adding new chapters every Monday until the whole book is up and it will only remain there for a limited time before being removed so if you want to read it you need to get started ASAP. Don't worry too much if you miss out though because the book will be published as an ebook in 2014 (I'm going to be buying my copy as soon as it's available because even though I've only read the first 16 chapters I'm LOVING this story and I need it on my kindle so I can re-read it to my hearts content!).

Here is a bit more information about the book:

May Fredericks hates New York. Which is fair enough, since New York seems to hate her back. Just weeks after moving from Wisconsin to Manhattan, she receives the world’s worst marriage proposal, stabs her boyfriend with a shrimp fork in a very public venue, and accidentally becomes notorious. And that’s before she gets mugged.

At her wit’s end, May washes up at a Packers bar in Greenwich Village, where she meets a surly, unhelpful guy who hates her shoes and calls her ex a douche.

His name is Ben. He used to be a chef. Now he’s a rooftop beekeeper with anger management issues. She wouldn't even like him, but he reminds her of home … and he knows where to find all the best food in the Village.

She makes him laugh. He buys her tacos and cowboy boots. The longer they’re stuck together, the better May and Ben get along … and the harder they fall.

TRULY is a quirky, modern New York love story unlike any you've read before.

New York Series:
Truly (full version will be published in 2014)
Madly (release date to be confirmed)
Completely (release date to be confirmed)

Visit Ruthie Knox's website for more information.

Now I'm sure the bit you've all been waiting for is the link so you can actually start reading the story!


Just in case you're not already curious here is a short teaser from the book:

Don't forget that Truly is only going to be available online for a limited time so don't miss out on your chance to read it.

If you've already started it then I'd love to know what you think of it. If you're already a fan of Ruthie's let me know which of her books is your favourite. I think I'd have to say mine is Ride With Me closely followed by Flirting With Disaster!


  1. Going to give the version on Wattpad a read now! Sounds great :)

    Sarah | A Little Bit of Literature

    1. Hi Sarah, I hope you enjoy it as much as I am! I can't wait for the next few chapters to be added tomorrow!! :o)



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