Saturday 2 August 2014

Crafting Corner Review: Pom Pom Monster Salon - April Chorba

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I don't seem to have spent much time crafting in July but I have had a lot of fun playing with my birthday present from Kirsty (from The Overflowing Library) and making pom pom monsters! I'm such a big kid & Kirsty knows me well so this kit was the perfect present :o)

An old favourite gets an innovative makeover: now kids can create, cut and style their own pom-pom monsters. The Klutz-created pom-pom maker with integrated numbering system provides customized hairlines and facial features. Pom-poms emerge that can carry off a mop top, an afro, pigtail, mohawk and just about any other hairstyle in a variety of colours. Also includes fun accessories including foam teeth.

  • Exclusive Klutz wrap and snap pom-pom maker
  • 85 yards of acrylic yarn
  • Styling comb
  • Itty-bitty bows
  • Silly teeth and eyes
  • Punch-out accessories
  • and much more
Over the years I've owned many of the Klutz craft books and as a big kid at heart I still love them now. The great thing about these kits is that they always include everything you need to get started. You can be completely new to making pom poms before opening this book and you'll still be able to make a brilliant selection of monsters by following the simple instructions and using the materials provided (the only additional thing you'll need is a pair of scissors). This kit includes 5 different colours of yarn, a pom-pom maker (we used to use cardboard when I was a child rather than this snazzy plastic device!) and all kinds of embellishments to stick on to the monsters to add things like eyes, teeth, horns, wings, shoes, sunglasses etc.

Pom-Pom Monster Salon is packed full of ideas to help you get started but you're only limited by your own imagination and the possibilities are endless. Who doesn't want to be able to make adorable little monsters with pigtails or a mohawk?

Aren't they cute?

Source: Birthday present from Kirsty (from The Overflowing Library). Best birthday present ever! Thanks Kirsty :o)

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  1. I really really need to try this soon. I'm off in a few weeks so I may try this then :) Love these monsters ;)

    1. This book is a lot of fun Michelle :o) It shows you how to create so many different shaped monsters & you really can let your imagination run wild! If you do give it a try you'll have to take pictures so I can see what you come up with



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