Friday 30 November 2018

Review: Sealed with a Kiss - Ariana Nash

Sealed with a Kiss is a fantasy m/m short story.

"You can have all of me for one night only. Say no, and I'll leave, but say yes and I'll give you a night you'll remember forever."

As one of the few remaining elven assassins, Eroan Ilanea doesn't have much time for pleasure. Until a messenger arrives from a nearby village and suddenly pleasure is all he can think about. The kind of pleasure he's never surrendered to before. The messenger is a tease, a vision of elicit delights, and he'll be gone in the morning.

This night, Eroan just might say yes...

Sealed with a Kiss is a short, sexy, m/m story that takes places several years before events in the novel Silk & Steel (to be published in 2019).

Genre: Dark fantasy
Heat level: Scorching

Pages: 42
Read-time: 20 minutes.

Ariana Nash is a pen name of international bestselling author Pippa DaCosta. Her Ariana Nash books are m/m adult reads.

Silk & Steel Series:
Sealed with a Kiss (Prequel short story)
Silk & Steel
Iron & Fire
Blood & Ice
Lost & Found (Novella)
The Black Prince

Visit Ariana Nash's website or Pippa DaCosta's website for more information

Pippa DaCosta is one of my favourite authors so when I found out she was writing a new series under the pen name Ariana Nash, it went straight to the top of my wish list. Sealed with a Kiss is only a short story but boy does it introduce us to this new world with a bang!

Here we are introduced to main character Eroan, an elvish warrior who works hard to protect his village from the dragons that are slowly destroying his realm. We don't know a lot about the world yet but this little taster did a perfect job of whetting my appetite for the first full length book, Silk and Steel, which is being published in January.

This is an m/m series and Ariana Nash takes no time in raising the heat levels between Eroan and a messenger who has arrived at the village with important news. Seriously, this is short but it's scorching and if this is any indication of what's to come in the rest of the series I can't wait to continue reading.

This story is available to purchase on Amazon or you can get a copy for free by signing up to Ariana Nash's newsletter so you have no excuses not to give it a try. If you like your stories hot enough to melt your kindle then you're going to love every minute of it!

Source: Received for free from the author for signing up to her newsletter

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