Thursday 12 December 2019

Review: Sleigh Bells Ring - Jodie Griffin

Vixen loves Nicholas, but as her stay in the North Pole grows short, this reindeer-shifter worries that her time spent with the Master Elf has ruined her for any other dominant out in the real world. But Nic has other plans for the little doe who caught his eye . . . and his heart.

This story was published at the author's website as a free holiday story:

Visit Jodie Griffin's website for more information.

Sleigh Bells Ring is a short but spicy free Christmas story that you can read on Jodie Griffin's website here.

Just imagine that Santa's reindeers are actually shifters and think about all the kinky things they could get up to with Master Elf Nic during all those long winter days while they wait for Christmas.

The trouble for Vixen is that she's fallen in love with the immortal elf and she knows she'll never be happy when she's finished her time working for him and has to return to her mortal life and the real world. Luckily for her Nic has no plans on letting her go.

Like I said before this was a really quick read but it was also a really fun one with lots of interesting uses for peppermint candy canes and icicles. It's not for the faint of heart - these reindeers all have their kinks and there are lots of multi-partner situations going on not to mention some BDSM elements but I enjoyed the story and thought reading it was a fun way to pass 20 minutes.

Source: Read for free on Jodie Griffin's website

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