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Review: The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider's Guide - J.R. Ward

Prepare to enter the dark, passionate world of the Black Dagger Brotherhood and get up close and personal with each of the Brothers...

You'll find insider information on the Brotherhood, including their dossiers, stats, and special gifts. You'll read interviews with your favourite characters, including a heartbreaking conversation with Tohrment and Wellsie, conducted in the weeks before she was killed by lessers. You'll discover deleted scenes - accompanied by the whys behind the cuts - in addition to exciting material from J.R. Ward message boards and the answers to questions about the series posed by readers. You'll learn what it's like for J.R. Ward to write each instalment of the series, and in a fascinating twist, you'll read an interview with the author - conducted by the brothers. For the first time ever, you'll see an original novella about Zsadist and Bella, and witness the miracle of their daughter Nalla's birth and experience the depth of their love for each other. Also, you'll receive a sneak peek at the much-anticipated next book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Lover Avenged, Rehvenge's story.

This is a compendium no Black Dagger Brotherhood fan should miss ... an insider's guide that will seduce you as powerfully as the sexy band of Brothers and the "ferociously popular" world in which they live.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series:
The Story of Son (novella set in the BDB world but about completely unrelated characters)
Dark Lover
Lover Eternal
Lover Awakened
Lover Revealed
Lover Unbound
Lover Enshrined
The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider's Guide
Lover Avenged
Lover Mine
Lover Unleashed
Lover Reborn
Lover at Last
The King
The Shadows
The Beast (2016)

The Fallen Angels Series:
(This is a spin off series set in the same world with a slight crossover of characters)

Black Dagger Legacy:
(A second spin off series that stars the original characters from BDB and the new recruits they're training)
Blood Kiss

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The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider's Guide is a great addition to the series and one I'd highly recommend to BDB fans. It does contain spoilers for the earlier books in the series though so make sure you've read at least as far as Lover Enshrined (book 6) before you pick this one up. The guide includes character interviews, statistics about all of your favourite brothers, deleted scenes and slices of life along with writing advice for aspiring authors. I have to admit I skimmed through the writing advice because it was of no interest to me so I can't comment on how helpful it would be for writers but the book is well worth buying for the other content.

I would have happily paid the price of this book just for the novella featuring Zsadist and Bella as they try to adjust to life with newborn Nalla. Zsadist is by far my favourite brother so as far as I'm concerned I can never have too much of his story and Father Mine is a wonderful extra for fans. Bella and Zsadist didn't have much time to bond as a couple before Nalla was born and the pressures of having a newborn is driving a wedge between them. Zsadist worries about the effects his past will have on Nalla in the future and it is making it hard for him to bond with his daughter. The novella was an incredibly emotional read as Zsadist takes another step towards accepting himself and coming to realise that he isn't to blame for the things that happened to him.

I also loved the character interviews and statistics that we get for Wrath, Rhage, Zsadist, Butch, Vishous and Phury. It reminded me of all the things I loved about each of the warrior's stories and has made me want to re-read the whole series again from the beginning. A lot of the interviews were laugh out loud funny and I really enjoyed the slices of life where you get to see everyone hanging out at the mansion. I know that some of the information included in the book has already been published on J.R. Ward's website but personally I like having it all in one place and easy to access. This is a book that it is easy to dip in and out of and I really hope that J.R. Ward writes something similar for the heroes of the later books in the series.

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  1. WOW ,,, this book look like fun ,,, GREAT REVIEW :)

  2. Hi Lilly, if you're a fan of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series you'll love this book! :o)



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