Thursday 14 June 2012

Book Trailer & Cover Comparison: Throne of Glass - Sarah J Maas

I have been excited about Sarah J Maas' debut novel Throne of Glass ever since I first heard about it. I love fantasy stories and this one jumped straight to the top of my wish list. The book will be published in the UK on the 2nd of August but I was very lucky to get an advanced copy from Bloomsbury and can tell you right now that I loved it! I'll be posting my review tomorrow but in the meantime I wanted to share the book trailer and have a look at the UK and US covers.

So what do you think of the trailer? Has it made you want to read the book?

Now let's have a look at the covers

UK Cover

I absolutely love the UK cover, main character Celaena is a notorious assassin and this image is just how I imagined her when reading the story. You definitely wouldn't want to see Celaena come striding out of a dark alleyway and head in your direction! I also really like the colouring of the cover, it would definitely catch my eye if I saw it in the store - the cover screams fantasy and kick ass heroine to me so I wouldn't be disappointed with the contents.

US Cover

As much as I love the UK cover I also really like the US one. They've picked a pretty good model for Celaena and she does look how I expected her to. I like the darker colouring of the cover and I think the title stands out more than it does on the UK one. This cover makes me think more of urban fantasy than high fantasy until you look at the buildings in the background which may attract people that wouldn't pick up the story otherwise.

Overall I think I prefer the UK cover but I'd be happy to have either version on my shelves. Which of these covers do you prefer?


  1. I defiantly like the UK cover better!

  2. Hi Felicia, I think the UK cover is my favourite too :o)



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