Friday 8 June 2012

Blog Tour: Thea Harrison & Viv Arend's Big Blog Adventure with International Giveaway

To celebrate their latest releases Devil's Gate and Wolf Line I'm thrilled to welcome Thea Harrison and Vivian Arend to the blog today as part of their Big Adventure Blog Tour. Comments on all of the blog tour posts (including this one!) will get you entered into the draw to win your choice of a Kindle or Nook (full details below) so make sure you visit Thea's website or Viv's website for links to all of the stops. So let's start with a quick look at the two books we're celebrating the release of!


Wolf Line is the 5th book in Viv's Granite Lake Wolves series and if you've read any of my reviews for the earlier books you'll already know how much I love them! I have been waiting to get my hands on Wolf Line for what seems like forever and thankfully there are only a couple of days left to wait! I'm really looking forward to Jared's story so keep an eye out for my review which will be posted soon.

Into the best-laid plans a little chaos must fall…

Jared’s not sure how his quiet morning coffee near the harbour ended with him on a cruise ship impersonating one of his pack mates. Well, it might have something to do with a woman, but who can blame him? The female of the species was made to love, and he’s more than willing to share his considerable skills in that area. Especially since he figures the chances of meeting his own one-and-only are slim.

Keri Smith is positive the last-minute recruit sneaking aboard the Arctic Wolf Cruise Lines tour is her mate. Ix-nay on confirming that, though, at least for the next ten days. She’s promised her best friend to be overall troubleshooter for the shifter-only cruise. Getting tangled up in mating lust would reduce her skills to nil. Avoidance of the sexy wolf for the duration of the cruise, followed by jumping his bones, seems the logical solution.

But when libidos are on the line, “logic” and “wolves” don’t go together. Throw in suspicions of wrongdoing, and these two virtual strangers will need a lot more than luck to find their way through to forever.

Warning: Really? You need to be warned about the hot nookie and sarcasm? Yeah, it’s in here. Also colourful cat shifters, lupine royalty, and wild adventures in cabins like you’ve never seen before.

Granite Lake Wolves Series:
Wolf Signs (Novella)
Wolf Flight (Novella)
First Howl (Short Story free on Vivian's website)
Second Howl (Short Story free on Vivian's website)
Wolf Games (Novella)
Wolf Tracks (Novella)
Wolf Line (Novella) (June 2012)

Takhini Wolves Series: (This is a spin off from the Granite Lake Wolves series but can be read seperately)
Black Gold
Silver Line (September 2012)
2 more novels to come (titles to be confirmed)

Visit Vivian Arend's website for more information


You would have had to have been hiding under a rock for the last year to not have heard of Thea Harrison's Elder Races series. I heard so many good things about these books and really enjoyed Dragon Bound when I read it last year but this is another series that I'm really behind on - I must catch up soon though because Devil's Gate looks fantastic!

When it comes to love between a medusa and a Vampyre, it’s every man, woman, and snake for themselves.

As a coroner, medusa Seremela Telemar has always felt more comfortable chatting over a dead body than over drinks. But when her wild niece, Vetta, runs off to Devil’s Gate, a lawless town that has sprung up overnight in a modern-day gold rush, she knows she has to extricate her before the rebellious girl gets into real trouble. Though she’s confident in her head snakes’ ability to defend her against attackers, Seremela is still a bit nervous about braving this modern-day Wild West by herself.

Vampyre Duncan Turner is not about to let his new co-worker go into that chaos alone. His Vampyric power and lawyer smarts make him the perfect ally, and the fact that he already had his eye on Seremela for more…personal reasons, doesn’t hurt matters. Any romantic thoughts pull up short, however, when they arrive at Devil’s Gate and learn Vetta is set to hang by morning.

In order to save Vetta and themselves, Seremela and Duncan are going to have to fight fire with force and magic with fangs. And pray they make it out of Devil’s Gate alive.

Elder Races Series:
Dragon Bound
Storm's Heart
Serpent's Kiss
True Colours (Novella)
Oracle's Moon
Natural Evil (Novella)
Devil's Gate (Novella)
Lord's Fall (November 2012)

Visit Thea Harrison's website for more information


So now we've had a look at the books I'm thrilled to welcome Thea and Viv to the blog, please give them a very warm welcome! . ..

Thea Harrison

Vivian Arend

Hi, folks, Thea here. Today is Day 8 of Thea and Viv’s Big Adventure, and today’s theme is a storm.

With this theme, the first thing I thought of was how stormy a relationship can get, and in romance often the stormier the relationship is, the better! So with that in mind, I thought it was time Viv’s heroine and mine got together for a little chat about the guys.

SEREMELA: Hi Keri, it’s nice to meet you! You meet Jared in WOLF LINES, and I’m just dying to ask you—is he the type of guy you generally go for, or does he go against type?

KERI: **stunned silence** Whoa—this one is tough, because Jared just wasn’t who I expected. What I expected—I mean, other than a wolf. He turned me on and yet because of a little misunderstanding…no, wait, a little is wrong. A BIG misunderstanding— All I can say is he’s lucky we’re mates, or I would have tossed him off the ship in a second for the stunt he pulled.

SEREMELA: Did you like Jared when you first met him? *grin* Or did you think Oh geez, this guy is a putz?

KERI: No, pretty much the first minute I got a sniff of him I was head over heels. Damn wolf genes. Luckily, Jared turned out to be worthy of being drooled over.

SEREMELA: Let’s pretend we’re looking at one of those Cosmo quizzes—you know the kind of thing, don’t you? How would you describe your personality? Are you: A. calm and pragmatic, B. tempestuous and impulsive, C. curious and intellectual, or D. none of the above?

KERI: The artistic and loyal type. My friends mean everything to me, and now my mate as well. I’d do anything to keep them out of trouble. How about you? What do you think is your best personality trait?

SEREMELA: I’m probably a mix too—more intellectual than artistic, and loyal to a fault sometimes. That’s part of what I struggle with in DEVIL’S GATE, how loyal I am to my sister even when I shouldn’t be.

KERI: I have to ask. How do you keep your hair…happy? I mean, I’ve got to use a scrunchie or something if it gets windy, but I doubt that’s an option for you.

SEREMELA: Happy hair. HAHA! Oh my. *grabs and holds up a few head snakes, shaking them gently* This is the very definition of misbehaving hair. I usually bind them back loosely, a little like someone with long dreads. If they get too unruly, I wrap them up in a head scarf and they go to sleep.

KERI: Dish on your guy. Number one thing you love about him?

SEREMELA: How caring and generous he is. I think so highly of Duncan. Yes, I’m in love with him, but I also admire the hell out of him.

Thanks Keri (and Viv)—this was fun!


THEA AND VIV'S BIG ADVENTURE is brought to you by Thea Harrison and Vivian Arend, New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors with a love for both travel and writing. They have joined together for the nefarious purpose of celebrating their next Samhain Publishing ebooks.

Thea’s DEVIL’S GATE  releases June 5. The novella returns readers to the world of The Elder Races. Available at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Samhain Publishing

WOLF LINE, #5 in Viv’s bestselling Granite Lake Wolves, is available June 12. Available at: Amazon | Barne’s & Noble | Samhain Publishing



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GRAND PRIZE: We'll be collecting names from all the comments left at the blogs. Grand Prize to one commenter will be winner’s choice of a Kindle or Nook. Two additional winners will receive a Relaxing Getaway Swag Pack: Homemade soap by Thea, hand-woven back scrubber imported from Ecuador by Viv, Thea and Viv’s first books, DRAGON BOUND and UNDER THE NORTHERN LIGHTS, and various other treats.

These winners will be announced at Viv's and Thea's blogs on JUNE 13.

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Today's Question: How do you like your real life relationship—stormy or calm?


  1. Congrats on the new releases ladies! I like my real relationship calm with a side of stormy. If it's calm all the time, it can get boring, but throw in a little stormy, and it adds some interesting elements.
    Both books sounds amazing. Can't wait to read them. Thanks for the blog tour.


  2. Definitely calm! It took me a lot of years to realize my stormy relationships weren't healthy for me and I needed to seek my excitement in different ways. Not that calm relationships can't be spicy too!
    Congrats! I can't wait to read your newest books!

  3. Definitely calm, please--I'm very conflict averse and stormy stuff in the relationship just freaks me out :) I like to think we know how to handle when we disagree, but I don't want too much of the high drama!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  4. Taina Pfenninger8 June 2012 at 17:20

    i have to say calm with a side of stormy because it just doesnt suit us to be facing problems all day long its better to face a little bit of the stormy stuff then get right back to the calm stuff.

  5. Oh, I'm going with calm, loving and super supportive. My live is in chaos right now and I need to be triplets which is unfortunate that human cloning hasn't become a reality...I've had enough storms for one week: emergency root canal, fever from said tooth, conflicts with my Dad's Medicaid application and my Mother's wet stroke and emergency surgery...enough already!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Smileygirl30908 June 2012 at 18:08

    I'm married, so definitely calm. I don't mind the occasional disagreement because we're all individuals with our own opinions but I'd much rather discuss than argue.

    I don't mind stormy in a book but I like it when it settles down in the end. You don't have to have a stormy relationship to have passion... just sayin'.

  8. Now, that really depends on a few things here. I like my day to day life to be calm, but need some excitement in it to keep the juices flowing. But when it comes to the relationship behind closed doors...calm just doesn't do it. ;)


  9. Mmm, every relationship has their rocky moments. But everyday that would start to get old. So I would like equal parts rocky and equal parts calnm so that it doesn't get too mundane.

    Raonaid at gmail dot com

  10. Calm, please. I'm not in high school anymore--I don't need the drama.

    Although stormy relationships are way more fun to read about. ;)

  11. I believe a healthy relationship, a strong relationship needs a balance between of 'stormy and calm'.

  12. im gonna have to go with mostly calm, but periods of stormy!! .. if its too calm, something is wrong.. lol

    alainala@hotmail DOT ca

  13. Thanks for another fun blog post.

    I love calm in my real life, and complicated and a bit wild when I dive into the fantasy life of the stories I pick to read.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  14. I like mine calm. When I was young stormy was the way to go but not any more. Life is often enough ;). Thank you.


  15. It's calm, but definitely not boring.

    janie1215 AT excite DOT com

  16. I like it calm, but a few waves now and then to make it interesting. Not stormy, too old for that! However, reading it in a book is great!

  17. I like it calm now. But when I was younger, stormy was so exciting.

  18. Definitely calm.But stormy always happens,its inevitable.But hopefully back to calm :)

  19. I'd like it to be more calm than stormy. It gets tiring battling all those slashing waves and rain. Although a few swells along the way is alright.
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot ocm

  20. I like my real life relationships to be calm. Give me stormy in my reading though.


  21. I like a mix of both. When I have really calm boyfriends I tend to dump them fast because I'm bored. My family is passionate and loves to argue, and while I don't want a violet relationship I do what someone who can keep up with me.
    That said ALL drama ALL THE TIME is something I don't waste time on either, because I know from experience that it never gets better.
    I like the relationships in Kelley Armstrong's books. Those are kind of my ideal ^_^

  22. I'd say a little of both calm and stormy.


  23. Calm all the way. I grew up with a parent that would explode over all kinds of little things, so I knew I didn't want that in a relationship.


  24. Though the soaps always highlight the stormy relationships I think calm is the eay to go.
    linze_e at

  25. Calm! But its stormy more than I like


  26. I'd rather my real life relationships to be on the calm side. Who wants to fight with the one that you love?

    riverinaromantic AT aol DOT com

  27. When I read books, I like stormy relationships: there's far more going on then. But in real life, I'd rather have calm!
    Thank you for the interview. Your heroines sound great!

  28. I'd want a combination of both I think. The worse thing possible for a relationship is to get too comfortable, a little storm every now and again is healthy I think :).

  29. Congrats on the new books. Love calm but most of the time I deal with stormy lol.

  30. Hi My relationship is very calm this is our second marriage and we have been married almost 30 years and i like it just like that, My poor grandaughter keep enough stormy for both of us. LOL you know how young Love is. Thanks for hosting this giveaway Joannie jscddmj [at] aol [dot] com.

  31. Calm in RL. Books contain all the stormy I need.

  32. Mostly calm but those pesky storms sneak in every now and then.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  33. Thanks for all of your comments everyone, I really enjoyed reading them!




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