Sunday 5 June 2016

Review: Violet Tendencies - Jaye Wells

Former assassin Sabina Kane heads to Los Angeles to find her kidnapped sister. Helping her on the mission are her hot mage partner, her Mischief demon minion, and a Vanity demon named Valva. The problem? She's got to figure out how to find her sister without letting her enemies know she's back in town. But when Sabina seeks out an old ally - a vampire strip club owner named Fang - for help, she learns the hard way that Vanity demons don't know the meaning of the phrase "low profile."

Sabina Kane Series:
Fool's Gold (Novella)
Red-Headed Stepchild
The Mage in Black
Violet Tendencies (Novella)
Green-Eyed Demon
Silver-Tongued Devil
Blue-Blooded Vamp
Rusted Veins (Novella)

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Violet Tendencies is set just after the ending of The Mage in Black but really it could have been included as a prologue to Green-Eyed Demon. It was a short and fun read but I don't think there is enough of a story here to justify it being published as an extra, especially not one that readers are expected to pay for. If it had been a freebie I would rate it higher but charging £1.49 for about 30 pages just screams rip off and if I'm honest it's left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.

Anyway, back to the actual story! Here we see Sabina head back to Los Angeles with Adam, Giguhl and Valva to begin the hunt for her sister. It is vitally important that they stay under the radar since the Dominae have put a price on Sabina's head so they turn to one of Sabina's few remaining friends for help. Unfortunately things are never simple when you have a couple of demons in tow and it all goes horribly wrong very quickly.

There isn't much more I can say without giving too many spoilers so I'll keep this deliberately short. Although I was disappointed there wasn't more meat to this story I'm still looking forward to continuing the series so I'll be picking up Green-Eyed Demon very soon.

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