Tuesday 17 November 2015

Review: One for Sorrow - Pippa DaCosta

‘Routine call,’ Ryder had said. But when Muse arrives at the abandoned house, there’s nothing routine about the demon waiting inside. His trap is set, and he knows the Mother of Destruction has one weakness:


(A collection of bonus scenes from the Veil Series, including the all-new short story, One For Sorrow) Should be read after Ties That Bind #5 The Veil Series to avoid major series spoilers.

Includes stories:
One For Sorrow
Alone Time
In conversation with Akil
She Burns

The Veil Series:
Wings of Hope (Novella)
Beyond the Veil
Devil May Care
Darkest Before Dawn
Drowning in the Dark
Ties That Bind
One for Sorrow (Novella)

Chaos Rises Series:
(Spin off from the Veil series)
Chaos Rises
Chaos Unleashed
Chaos Falls

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I'm absolutely heartbroken that the Veil series has finished so of course I was thrilled that Pippa DaCosta released this extra collection of short stories and snippets featuring our favourite characters. This novella will contain spoilers for Ties That Bind though so please don't read until you've finished the rest of the series.

This anthology includes four different stories:

1. One for Sorrow - A really fun little story about Muse and Ryder going demon hunting together, it's a nice little addition to the series although it did leave me hoping we'd get to see more of Stefan and Akil since they were absent in this one.

2. Alone Time - Another Muse and Ryder short, this one set around the holidays, I love the banter between these two and it's so nice to see how strong their friendship is.

3. She Burns - finally, FINALLY we get to see a bit of Stefan's point of view. It definitely wasn't long enough (well it wasn't the length of a whole book so of course that's not enough Stefan!) but it was fantastic & I loved every minute of it.

4. In Conversation With Akil - This was a really cleverly done interview between Pippa DaCosta and Akil that was really amusing.

I loved this novella and my only complaint: I wanted more! I guess that's not much of a complaint though, more of a compliment about how much I love this author and this series.

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