Thursday 29 December 2011

2012 Morganville Vampires Reading Challenge

OK so this is the last challenge I'm signing up for in 2012 (well unless I see something else I just can't resist anyway lol).  I've heard so many good things about the Morganville Vampires series that I actually bought the first 9 books before I even started reading the series.  I finally read the first book in November and really enjoyed it so it's about time I got around to finishing the rest of the series.  The Morganville Vampires Reading Challenge is being hosted by Jo over at Ink and Paper & I have to thank her for giving me the excuse to finally dig into these books.

There are 5 levels to choose from for the challenge:
Sam Glass: Books 1-3
Oliver: Books 1-6
Amelie: Books 1-9 (I'm aiming for this level since I already own these books but I may change my mind later in the year)
Myrnin: Books 1-13
Bishop: Books 1-13, plus all short stories (in anthologies or otherwise).

If you want to join me in taking part in the challenge you can sign up here.  I'll add links to my reviews below as I post them.

1. Glass Houses
2. The Dead Girls' Dance
3. Midnight Alley
4. Feast of Fools
5. Lord of Misrule
6. Carpe Corpus
7. Fade Out
8. Kiss of Death
9. Ghost Town

Update January 2013:
So as you can see I failed abysmally at this challenge and I've still only read the first book in the Morganville series. I really thought it would be easy reading less than 1 book a month so I'm not sure why it went so horribly wrong! I really must carry on reading these books soon though because I know I'm going to love them.


  1. Yay! I love Morganville - you're in for a treat. They really are brilliant.

  2. So many people have recommended this series Sophie, you being one of them of course lol. I really liked the first book but it is about time I got around to reading the rest of the series too :o)

  3. Thanks for signing up, Sarah! I hope you enjoy the series, it's amazing! Good luck!

  4. Thanks for hosting the challenge Jo, you've given me the perfect excuse to read the series which is something Ive been wanting to do since before I started blogging!

  5. Seems like your a fan of the Morganville Vampires as well like me!! :) Just thought you'd like to know about my blog and probably be interested in joining as its all about Morganville Vampires!!! Heres the link and by the way it's new..... ... ...hope you join and enjoy!!



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