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Publisher Spotlight: Orion / Indigo - January - April 2012

I thought it would be fun to start spotlighting new releases that different publishers have coming up over the next few months for us to look forward to.  I'm constantly looking for new books to add to my wish list and thought it would be a nice way of spreading the bookish love with other bloggers.  So stepping into the spotlight today we have . . .

Orion's have some fabulous YA titles lined up for us in 2012 through their new Indigo imprint.  I'm sure there are going to be some on this list that you'll be adding to your wish lists (I know I've added to mine!)  Check out the Orion website for more information.

January 2012:

The first book I'm going to mention is Dark Parties which is Sara Grant's debut novel.  I was lucky enough to meet Sara and get a copy of Dark Parties at the Indigo blogger event in July (you can read all about the event & even see a video of Sara reading from the book here).  You can also find out more at Sara Grant's website.  This looks like an amazing book and it's one I'll be reading soon.  Watch out for my review in early January!

Sixteen-year-old Neva plots to escape her world, where everyone looks the same and no one is allowed to leave, in this compelling thriller about identity, trust and freedom.

Neva keeps a list of The Missing - the people like her grandmother who were part of her life but who have now vanished. The people that everyone else pretends never existed.

In a nation isolated beneath the dome of the Protectosphere - which is supposed to protect, but also imprisons - Neva and her friends dream of freedom.

But life is becoming complicated for Neva. She's falling for her best friend's boyfriend - and she's learning more than she ever wanted to know about what might be happening to The Missing...

Also published in January is Dark Warning by Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick.  I love books about people with psychic abilities so I know I'm going to enjoy this one.  I'm also intrigued by the Irish setting, I've not seen many YA books set in Ireland so hopefully this will capture the atmosphere.  Visit Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick's page on Goodreads for more information.

Ever since Taney was four she's known she could see things before they happened.

She also knows that she must keep her gift a secret - at all costs.

Teased and isolated by the local children for being strange, as Taney grows older, she has more and more questions. Why is her father so terrified of her gift? What happened to her mother?

Then she meets the mysterious Billy, an outsider just as she is. Charming and attentive, Billy is the first person with whom Taney can simply be herself; with whom she can share her strange burden, and begin, instead, to feel proud of her ability.

But then the visions come - lone girls attacked as they walk home at night. And as Billy begins to withdraw further into himself, Taney must ask herself who to trust - her only friend, or the visions that torment her dreams...

In January Orion will be re-releasing several titles as paperbacks under the Indigo imprint: Crossing Over by Anna Kendall (visit Anna's page on Goodreads here), Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding (visit Chris' website here) and The Double-Edged Sword by Sarah Silverwood (visit Sarah's blog here)  Here are the covers and blurbs:

The Land of the Dead is a dangerous place to be... and so is the Land of the Living

Whether it's a curse or a blessing the fact remains: whenever Roger is in enough pain he can cross over to the Land of the Dead and speak to the people there. It's an unexpected gift - and one that, throughout Roger's life, his violent uncle has taken advantage of.

So when Roger has the chance of a new life, it seems a gift. But life is unexpected, and when Roger falls in love with the bewitching, wilful Lady Cecilia he has no idea what he is letting himself in for. With every step he takes towards her, he is drawn deeper into court intrigue, into politics, and even into war.

Bound by secrets, Roger is torn between his own safety and that of his friends. He can save them, but only if he can bring himself to perform a deed, so unthinkable, that the living and the dead shrink from it alike…


A fast, furious, tongue-in-cheek SF romp

Frey is the captain of the Ketty Jay, a formidable air ship, and leader of a small and highly dysfunctional band of layabouts. He and his gang live on the wrong side of the law running contraband, robbing airships and generally making a nuisance of themselves.

A hot tip on a cargo freighter loaded with valuables seems like a great prospect for an easy heist and a fast buck until the freighter explodes. Suddenly Frey isn't just a nuisance anymore - he's public enemy number one, with the Coalition Navy on his tail and contractors hired to take him down.

Frey knows something they don't. That freighter was rigged to blow, and Frey has been framed to take the fall. If he wants to prove it, he's going to have to catch the real culprit.

It's going to take all his criminal talents to prove he's not the criminal they think he is…


Fin finds himself at the heart of an ancient prophecy when the Knights of Nowhere kidnap the Storyholder, threatening his world - and all the worlds woven into place by the Stories...

Finmere Tingewick Smith was abandoned on the steps of the Old Bailey. Under the guardianship of the austere Judge Harlequin Brown and the elderly gentlemen of Orrery House, Fin has grown up under a very strange set of rules. He spends alternate years at two very different schools and now he's tired of the constant lies hiding the insanity of his double life.

But on his sixteenth birthday, everything changes. The Judge is killed, stabbed in the chest with a double-edged sword that's disturbingly familiar, and from that moment on, Fin is catapulted into an extraordinary adventure. The Knights of Nowhere have kidnapped the Storyholder, the keeper of the Five Eternal Stories which weave the worlds together. As a result a black storm is coming, bringing madness with it.

Fin may be just 16, but he has a long, dark journey ahead of him if he is to rescue the Storyholder and save Existence!

February 2012:

I've had this debut on my wish list for months now so I can't wait to finally get my hands on a copy!  Hollow Pike by James Dawson is one of my most anticipated reads for 2012 and I have a feeling this one is going to be huge.  What do you think of the cover?  It's beautiful isn't it!  You can find out more at James Dawson's website.

A killer is out there, and the birds see everything...

Lis London is hoping for a fresh start when she arrives in the sleepy village of Hollow Pike.

But nothing here is as it seems... and a killer stalks the night.

Something wicked this way comes...

She thought she'd be safe in the country, but you can't escape your own nightmares, and Lis London dreams repeatedly that someone is trying to kill her.

Lis thinks she's being paranoid - after all who would want to murder her?  She doesn't believe in the local legends of witchcraft. She doesn't believe that anything bad will really happen to her. You never do, do you?

Not until you're alone in the woods, after dark - and a twig snaps...

March 2012:

March sees the publication of The One Dollar Horse by Lauren St John.  This one will definitely appeal to the horse lovers out there.  Visit Lauren St John's website for more information.  There is no cover available for this one yet but here is the blurb:

Casey Blue loves horses but living, as she does, in the inner city with her father, who is not always on the right side of the law, her dreams of becoming an event rider seem out of reach. Until one day she rescues a horse from the knacker’s yard….

She works hard waitressing to keep the horse, whom she names Storm Force, at her run down local stables, and she nurses him back to health. In time a sleek and highly strung thoroughbred emerges from the bag of bones she rescued and Casey sets about finding out who her horse really is. When Casey is talent-spotted and sponsored, she and Storm Force move into a different riding league and suddenly her dream of competing at Badminton is within her grasp. But dreams can turn into nightmares, and Casey is just about to come face to face with the worst nightmare ever!

A real life thriller that delves into the competitive and elite equestrian world of Grand Slam riding with all its highs and lows, jealousies, envy, triumphs and tragedies.

April 2012:

Chomp is Carl Hiaasen's UK YA debut and it sounds like it is going to be a really fun read.  If you're looking for something light hearted this could be just the thing.  If you'd like more information check out Carl's website here.

CHOMP is a hilarious new Hiaasen about an animal wrangler whose career takes an unusual turn in the world of reality TV from the moment he is hit on the head by a frozen iguana

Carl Hiaasen is a multi-million copy seller in USA with children's novels HOOT and FLUSH and SCAT, sales of which currently total 4.3 million.

Wahoo Cray has grown up with a zoo in his backyard - alligators, snakes, rats, monkeys, parrots, but it's his dad who's the unpredictable critter. When his dad takes a job with a reality TV show called 'Expedition Survival', Wahoo figures he'll have to do a bit of wrangling himself to keep his dad from killing the show's inept star Derek Badger, who insists on using real wild animals for his stunts. And Wahoo's acquired a shadow named Tuna, a girl who's sporting a shiner courtesy of her old man and needs a place to hide out. They've only been on location in the Everglades for a day before Derek gets bitten by a bat and goes missing in a storm. Search parties promptly get lost themselves. And Tuna's dad shows up with a gun...

It's anyone's guess who will actually survive 'Expedition Survival!'

So what do you think of the Indigo releases?  Which of these are going to be at the top of your wish list for 2012?


  1. crossing ovr is new 2 me
    on my radar

  2. So many good books coming out x

  3. @ roro - Crossing Over looks really good doesn't it! Definitely one I want to read :o)

    @ Susan - I don't know where to start with all the awesome 2012 books! I think next year is going to be even better than this year was which is really saying something :o)



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