Saturday 27 December 2014

Review: Dirty Distractions - Cari Quinn

She wants a fling, and he wants forever . . .

Zoologist Sara Carmichael’s active social life is the envy of all her friends, but she has a secret. She’s bored senseless. If she has to go to one more bird sanctuary fundraiser with some guy who thinks his little sports car makes him “hip,” she'll scream.

Enter Brad O’Halloran, her best friend Kim’s much younger brother. A guy who’s picking up the pieces after a quickie marriage and even quicker divorce. A guy so hot he makes her body scream with frustration.

Until Sara’s apartment is renovated, they’re all living at Kim’s place. Despite her determination to not to salivate at glimpses of Brad’s finer-than-fine body in nothing but a low-slung towel, flirtation escalates to the brink of something more.

Now one of them has to back down . . . or ante up for some good, dirty fun with the unspoken understanding that when the time comes, they’ll make a clean break. Neither anticipated they’d make the most complicated connection of all—love.

Warning: This book contains a hero who knows how to make engines— and women—purr, seduction while on cold meds, and a heroine who might be a little older but still enjoys learning a few naughty new tricks.

Afternoon Delight Series:
Dirty Distractions
Drawn Deep

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Sara is staying with her best friend Kim and Kim's younger brother Brad while her apartment is having work done. She loves spending time with her best friend and she has more in common with Brad than she could have imagined but she is shocked when he starts to flirt with her. After all, not only is she much older than him but he's also just come through a messy divorce. She doesn't want to ruin her friendship with Kim by making a move on her brother but Brad is a temptation she's finding very hard to resist. Surely a quick fling couldn't hurt though? Especially if they can keep it a secret from Kim. What Sara doesn't realise is that Brad has no intention of letting Sara go after a fling, he is determined to win her heart and make their relationship permanent.

Dirty Distractions is a hot and spicy read from Cari Quinn and I enjoyed every minute of it. It makes a nice change to read about an older woman and a younger man, especially since the naive young girl / older billionaire trope is so common at the moment. I loved that Sara is so experienced, she knows what she likes and isn't ashamed to ask for it which makes the chemistry between her and Brad even hotter. Brad is just a great, normal guy, the kind of that we all know and love. He has wanted Sara for a long time and now he's made his move he's determined to show her just how good they could be together. I loved that he didn't care about the age difference and wasn't embarrassed about their relationship - he wanted to shout about it from the rooftops. Sara was actually the one who wanted to keep things under wraps and I have to admit that although I could see where she was coming from I did want to shake some sense into her at times.

This is a fairly short read but it's hot as hell, has a cute and believable romance and will definitely leave you in need of a cold shower. I love Cari Quinn's writing and she definitley has another hit on her hands with Dirty Distractions. I'm looking forward to reading Kim's story in Drawn Deep.

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