Monday 29 December 2014

Review: The Highest Bid - Joey W. Hill

To understand her customers’ desires at her lingerie store, Naughty Bits, Madison has been exploring her own deep yearnings with the help of neighboring store owner—and oh-so-sexy Dominant—Logan. After overcoming her fears and allowing herself to truly submit, Madison is ready for her ultimate sexual adventure: an auction where she’ll be offered up to the highest bidding Master.

But when her fantasy brings her face-to-face with her true feelings for Logan, she’ll have to figure out if she’s ready to trust her heart as well as her body to him forever . . .

Naughty Bits Series:
The Lingerie Shop
The Training Session
Bound to Please
The Highest Bid

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This is the final instalment to the Naughty Bits serialised novel and I loved every minute of it. Madison has had time to explore her submissive side, she's even had a go at taking control of the situation and acting like a Dom, but now it's time for her to step up and decide if what she really wants is a life with Logan as his collared submissive.

I have been dying for Madison to take that leap and I'm just going to say it was well worth the wait! This is undoubtedly the hottest instalment yet and Logan takes Madison on a thrilling ride as he guides her through her deepest, darkest fantasy. I loved every minute of this instalment and I'm so glad that I stuck with this story after the first instalment which I have to confess I wasn't a fan of. The series really has got better and better with each new part and I'm definitely planning on reading more from Joey W. Hill now I know what she's really capable of. If you've liked the previous instalments you're going to LOVE The Highest Bid!

Source: Received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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