Tuesday 5 March 2019

Review: Pure Bliss - Lexi Blake

Re-released in a second edition with new content.

The town of Bliss, Colorado, offered Hope McLean a second chance at life, a gift she cherishes every day. Her past was dominated by dark secrets and regret, most of which centered on a man named Christian Grady. All of that was behind her now, years of horror distilled down into the occasional nightmare or a random feeling of being watched. Surrounded by new friends, she tried hard to leave the past where it belonged—in the rearview mirror.

Raised together, James Glen and Noah Bennett were the best of friends. They dreamed of growing up in Bliss, finding love, and settling down to share their lives on the Circle G ranch. James would manage the day-to-day operations of the ranch while Noah served the town as the resident veterinarian. Everything was perfectly planned out, until a woman came between them and their future shattered. Noah left Bliss for New York City and James was left to struggle to keep the Circle G alive on his own.

Noah returns to Bliss on a mission to rebuild his life. When he sees Hope, he knows his return home was meant to be. Hope’s kindness shines like a beacon calling him to her. Unfortunately, he isn’t the only man interested in Hope. James is also interested in the beautiful girl with a mysterious past. He can’t be forced to choose between the woman of his dreams and his best friend again.

As romance begins to bloom, a dark specter from Hope’s past returns to claim her. To save Hope, and themselves, James and Noah will have to rebuild the relationship they lost and fight for their future with Hope together.

Nights in Bliss Series:
(Originally published under the pen name Sophie Oak)
Three to Ride
Two to Love
One to Keep
Lost in Bliss
Found in Bliss
Pure Bliss
Chasing Bliss
Once Upon a Time in Bliss
Back in Bliss
Sirens in Bliss (Crossover with the Texas Sirens Series)

Texas Sirens Series:
(Originally published under the pen name Sophie Oak)
Small Town Siren
Siren in the City
Siren Enslaved
Siren Beloved
Siren in Waiting
Siren in Bloom
Siren Unleashed
Sirens in Bliss (Crossover with the Nights in Bliss Series)
Siren Reborn

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James and Noah grew up together, raised as brothers they were also best friends and always planned to spend their lives together, hoping to find a woman who would be willing to share them both. Unfortunately it was a woman who came between them and Noah left everything, including James, behind to marry her. He's been gone for five years now and although his marriage was a disaster it has taken him a long time to pluck up the courage to come home and face his brother. Life has been difficult for James since his brother left, he had to sell half of the family ranch just to get by and he's never quite gotten over the sense of betrayal he felt when Noah walked out on him. James has been half in love with Holly ever since she walked into Bliss but unwilling to risk having his heart broken all over again he prefers to spend his time with women looking for nothing more than a few nights of fun.

Holly escaped from an abusive ex and spent years on the run before she felt safe enough to settle down in Bliss. Only her boss, Nate, knows the full details of her past but she has made friends and Bliss is finally starting to feel like home. She's been attracted to James since they first met but he turned her down once and she's not going to risk a second rejection. Then Noah returns home and she suddenly finds herself torn between two brothers, she could have everything she ever wanted if she's only brave enough to reach for it. It's only when she realises her past is about to catch up with her that everything she dreams of comes crashing down around her. Now it's up to James and Noah to put the past behind them and work together to keep Hope safe.

I love spending time in Bliss, it's always fun to catch up with the quirky characters around town and see how previous couples and triads are getting along now. We've already seen quite a bit of James and Hope in the series. James is a bit of a player who has worked his way through most of the single women not just in Bliss but also in the surrounding towns, he's never made promises he doesn't keep though so he hasn't left a trail of broken hearts behind him. He's also a hard worker who has done his best to run his family ranch and a protector who has put himself in harm's way multiple times to protect others in previous books. Holly we knew less about, she's friendly with most of the previous heroines but she's always kept very quiet about her background and as we start to find out everything that she has been through it was easy to understand why she wanted to forget her past.

I thought Holly and James were a great fit but they definitely needed someone like Noah to come along and bring them both together. Holly made a move on James once and was hurt by his rejection so there was no way she would have attempted to pursue him again without Noah's influence and James was too scared of getting hurt to risk any kind of long term relationship. Noah balances them both out, he's been through a lot but he's learned from his mistakes and when he sees a potential for happiness he grabs it with both hands. It took some time for James and Noah to deal with their issues but their friendship is definitely stronger because of that and together they will do whatever is needed to protect Holly from her past.

As with all of the books in this series you're definitely in for a hot read with this one, Lexi Blake writes brilliant triad relationships and Pure Bliss was another great example of that. These three generate a lot of heat but there is also genuine friendship and caring beneath it so it makes their relationship very easy to believe in. Throw in a mystery, some danger and the whole town coming out to protect one of their own and you're left with another great instalment in this series. I'm already eagerly awaiting the next one!

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