Thursday 29 December 2016

Review: 1 Incryptid Short Story Narrated by Sarah Zellaby & Arthur Harrington - Seanan McGuire

If you're a fan of Seanan McGuire's Incryptid series you may or may not be aware that she has written a large number of short stories set in the world but written about various different characters. A lot of these short stories are available for free on her website HERE but a few of them can only be found in anthologies. I thought it would be nice to have one place to write quick reviews for the short stories but since there are so many of them I'm going to split them out by the characters and these reviews may be updated in the future if the author writes additional stories.

This review includes all the short stories that have been written about Sarah Zellaby & Arthur Harrington, stories by other narrators will be reviewed separately.

Entire Incryptid Series:
14 Jonathan Healy & Frances Brown Short Stories (Read for free on Seanan McGuire's website)
3 Alice Healy & Thomas Price Short Stories (Read for free on Seanan McGuire's website)
Discount Armageddon
Midnight Blue-Light Special
4 Antimony Price Short Stories (Read some for free on Seanan McGuire's website)
3 Istas and Ryan Short Stories (Read most for free on Seanan McGuire's website)
Half-Off Ragnarok
1 Sarah Zellaby and Arthur Harrington Short Story (Read for free on Seanan McGuire's website)
5 Verity Price & Dominic De Luca Stories (Read for free on Seanan McGuire's website)
Pocket Apocalypse
Chaos Choreography
1 Elsie Harrington Short Story (Short Story in the Shadowed Souls anthology)
Magic for Nothing
1 Aeslin Mice Short Story (Purchase though Seanan McGuire's Patreon Page)
Tricks for Free
That Ain't Witchcraft

Ghost Roads Series:
(Stories are set in the Incryptid World)
Sparrow Hill Road
Train Yard Blues (Short Story in the Coins of Chaos anthology)
The Ghosts of Bourbon Street (Crossover Short Story with Verity from the Incryptid series free on Seanan McGuire's website)
Last Call at the Last Chance (Short Story available via Seanan McGuire's Patreon Page)
The Girl in the Green Silk Gown

Short Stories narrated by Sarah Zellaby and Arthur Harrington (circa 2013-):
(Unless otherwise stated all stories are available for free on the author's website)

Visit Seanan McGuire's website for more information


Arthur Harrington's situation is...special, thanks to having an incubus for a father and a semi-stable grasp of his "special powers" (if you can call them that). As a consequence, he's always been allowed to stay somewhat sheltered from the family business, communicating with the outside world largely via the computer and his cousins.

Then Sarah got hurt. He's been climbing the walls ever since, trying to think of something he can do to help—but when no one really understands the way a cuckoo's mind works, what can he possibly do to make things better? Especially when she's in Ohio and he's in Oregon?

All he wants is a sign that she's going to be okay...and that she's still going to be the girl he thinks no one knows he's in love with.

Best read after Half-Off Ragnarok. Contains spoilers for Midnight Blue-Light Special, although if you've read the story description, you've already been spoiled. Surprise!

IM is one of the shortest stories that Seanan McGuire has written for this series but that doesn't mean it's not worth reading. This isn't one for people who are new to the series but it adds another layer for fans who have read the first two books so as long as you go in expecting something short and sweet I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

We all know how much Artie has been missing Sarah since she injured herself saving Verity's life. He's spent weeks waiting for his best friend (and the love of his life even though he won't admit that to anyone else in his family) to recover and although she has been making improvements she's still not back to her normal self and Artie hasn't been allowed to see or even speak to her. It's driving him crazy that he can't do anything to help her but then he gets just a tiny glimmer of hope that Sarah is starting to get back to her old self again and that's all he ever wanted.

Artie is utterly adorable in this. It's hilarious that he thinks he has managed to keep his feelings for Sarah secret from the rest of his family but I'm sure they'll all start meddling again as soon as Sarah is back to full health. I really hope we might get a full length book or two about them at some point in the future.

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