Tuesday 28 July 2015

Review: Heaven Can't Wait - Pamela Clare

A sexy romp featuring the characters from Pamela Clare's popular I-Team series. Lissy Charteris and Will Fraser are two weeks away from getting married when Lissy suggests they put a bit of traditional romance into their lives by giving up sex until their wedding night. Though Will thinks it-s a crazy idea, he's not about to admit he can't do it. The two end up making a bet, vowing not to be the first to ask for sex. But what starts as a bet turns into a game of no-holds-barred seduction -- winner take all.

I-Team Series:
Extreme Exposure
Heaven Can't Wait (Novella)
Hard Evidence
Unlawful Contact
Naked Edge
Breaking Point
Skin Deep (Novella)
First Strike (Novella)
Striking Distance

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Heaven Can't Wait is a novella in Pamela Clare's I-Team series but I think it's best to point out that this is more of a straight up contemporary romance than a romantic suspense like the rest of the series. It's an excellent read and one I'd definitely recommend but if you go in looking for suspense then you could end up disappointed. What you'll get instead is a super hot, incredibly sweet and sexy romance between two fantastic characters and if you're anything like me you'll love every minute of it.

Lissy and Will are crazy about each other and with only two weeks to go before their wedding everyone knows it. Lissy wants to make sure their wedding night is special so she suggests to Will that they hold off on having sex until the big day. Will isn't keen on the idea but when Lissy turns it into a bet with the first person to ask for sex having to pay a forfeit he can't resist. Egged on by a few of their friends they both set out to make the other cave first and it doesn't take long before things are really spicing up between them.

This was a fab little novella and it was a great way to get to know some of the side characters from the series a little better. We also get cameo roles from some other familiar faces which was nice but I loved that Lissy and Will were the real focus of the story. They are a fantastic couple who are clearly madly in love, the sex was scorching and the banter between them and their friends was incredibly amusing. If you're looking for a quick, hot read then you really can't go wrong with this and I'd highly recommend checking out the rest of the series too.

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