Friday 9 May 2014

Review: Beyond Solitude - Kit Rocha

Mia risked everything to walk away from a gilded cage in Sector Two, but grasping at freedom was only her first trial. With no protection in the sectors, every day is a struggle to stay alive. Her best hope now is a job working for the most dangerous gang in Sector Four--the O’Kanes.

When a motorcycle accident leaves Derek Ford riding a desk at the O'Kane compound, the last thing he needs is a sexy new assistant upending his office and his life. Especially someone like Mia, who greets his growls and commands with smiles and a fierce independence.

The friction between them generates an undeniable heat, and Mia's stubborn refusal to let life beat her down stirs Ford's darkest protective instincts. He has the power to take care of her, protect her not only from discomfort but from threats of her past...but first he'd have to claim her.

And Mia will never be kept again.

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If you've read any of my reviews for the previous books in this series you'll know I'm a real fan girl when it comes to Kit Rocha's O'Kanes! I just can't get enough of this world or the incredibly sexy guys that inhabit it & if I could pick one series to climb into and live in then this would be it. If you've read any of the books in this series then you'll know to expect a scorching hot read and Beyond Solitude really doesn't disappoint, Ford and Mia have superb chemistry and I do love me a dirty talking hero! Events in this novella don't really effect the series time line so this also works well as a stand alone story for anyone who is looking to try the series, I really can't recommend these books highly enough though - I absolutely adore them!

Fans of the series will remember Ford returning to the O'Kane compound with his broken leg in Beyond Jealousy but he isn't someone we knew a great deal about before this story. Just the fact that he made it back to the compound without help after his motorbike accident shows what a badass he is though and now that his injuries are keeping him chained to a desk he really isn't happy. Ford's frustrations have turned him into a grumpy bastard and the last thing he needs is an assistant making his life even more complicated. Mia makes it impossible for him to push her away though, she draws out all of his protective instincts and he will do anything to look out for her.

Mia is new to Sector Four, she followed in Lex's footsteps when she escaped from Sector Two but that doesn't mean her past isn't going to catch up with her eventually, in fact her old mentor is even more determined to make an example of her because of it. All Mia wants is to find her own place in the world, she's desperate to remain independent and she is willing to work as hard as it takes to earn the respect of the O'Kanes and Lex in particular. Although she understands Ford's need to protect her she refuses to let him fix her problems for her because then she'd never be able to stand by his side as an equal.

I have to say I really respected Mia's attitude, she wanted her freedom but she wasn't willing to let someone else buy it for her. She needed to do it on her own so that she could look herself in the mirror each day. She's a surprisingly good match for a gruff and grumpy guy like Ford because she's more than willing to stand up to him and refuses to back down just because he growls at her. Ford is just another delicious example of the guys that the O'Kanes have to offer - he's alpha to the max, the kind of guy who knows what he wants and grabs it with both hands but he also has a softer, sweeter side that only the woman he loves gets to see. Beyond Solitude may be a short read but it's packed full of emotion and off the charts sexy, if you're looking for something dirty that you can devour in one sitting then this will be perfect.

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