Monday 10 November 2014

Quick Review: What Zoey Doesn't Know - R.L. Naquin

Maurice the closet monster is an amazing cook, efficient housekeeper, fantastic problem solver, and the best friend anyone could ever have.

But nobody really knows what he does all day.

Bank robbers, a rare disease, and a visit from a bad-luck pooka are no match for a closet monster with time on his hands.

But don’t tell Zoey. She worries.

7,00 words

“What Zoey Doesn’t Know” is a short story in the same world as the Monster Haven novels from Carina Press. This story can be enjoyed without having read the novels, but it takes place between book three, Fairies in My Fireplace, and book four, Golem in My Glovebox.

Monster Haven Series:
Monster in My Closet
Ill-Conceived Magic (Short Story)
Pooka in My Pantry
Hidden Holidays (Short Story)
Fairies in My Fireplace
What Zoey Doesn't Know (Short Story)
Golem in My Glovebox
Demons in My Driveway
Transmonstrified (Short Story Collection)
Phoenix in My Fortune

Djinn Haven series:
(Spin off from the Monster Haven series but can be read separately)
To Catch A Stolen Soul
To Seize a Wayward Spirit
To Free a Captured Heart

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R.L. Naquin has written several short stories set in her Monster Haven world and although they don't offer spoilers for the full length books and can be read in any order What Zoey Doesn't Know fits into the time line after Fairies in My Fireplace. Technically it can be read at any point but I would recommend reading at least the first book (Monster in My Closet) before picking up the shorts so that you are familiar with the main characters and the world they live in.

Maurice has been one of my favourite characters in the Monster Haven series right from the beginning, I just love that crazy Closet Monster! He has been there for Zoey from the beginning, always rushing around in the background making sure her life runs as smoothly as possible and taking care of the little things so that Zoey can focus on helping the creatures who turn up in desperate need of her help. Maurice is a master at time management, he runs the whole house like clockwork and is incredibly well organised. Not even Zoey realises quite how much he really does for her and in this short story we get to see a day in his life and find out what he does all day when Zoey is out at work.

I loved the chance of getting Maurice's point of view, as a favourite character I already feel like we know him quite well but there is nothing like getting inside a character's head to really see what they're made of. This short story is full of the usual humour you'd expect from this series and Maurice's life is far from uneventful - he really doesn't get a minute's peace all day. What Zoey Doesn't Know is a brilliant addition to the series and I think it's actually my favourite out of all three short stories. I can't wait to get started on Golem in My Glovebox.

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