Tuesday 19 January 2016

Review: Tiny Glitches - Rebecca Chastain

Life isn’t exactly normal for Eva Parker: the stronger Eva’s emotions, the faster nearby electrical devices die. Eva can’t have a cell phone, use a computer, or be in a car for more than a few minutes without killing it. Dealing with her electricity-killing curse makes living in modern-day Los Angeles complicated enough for Eva—and that was before she was blackmailed into hiding a stolen baby elephant and partnered with Hudson, a sexy electrical engineer Eva just met.

Dodging repeated attempts on her life made by ruthless corporations hunting the elephant is easier for Eva than quelling her growing affection for Hudson, and while protecting an elephant is hard, controlling her curse is a lot harder. However, Eva must do both, because if she lets her emotions free and falls in love with Hudson, neither of them will survive.

Enchanting and quirky, TINY GLITCHES fuses electrifying romance and high-voltage suspense in a rollicking adventure.

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I love Rebecca Chastain's Madison Fox urban fantasy series so when she contacted me about reviewing her new paranormal romance I jumped at the chance. This story has all the humour of her previous books but with added sexy times so of course I loved it!

Eva Parker has a very unusual ability: her body absorbs electricity. That might not sound too bad but whenever Eva is feeling any kind of heightened emotion (from happiness or attraction right through to anger or fear) she has no control over her ability. Basically she's like a walking electromagnetic pulse and any electrical items in her vicinity soon stop working. She can't use a mobile phone or a computer for more than a couple of minutes, travelling by car is a risky business when she could kill the battery at any moment and she's even had to have her home set up to run gas lighting and appliances. It makes it pretty difficult for Eva to live in our modern world but she's adjusted quite well, she has a successful career as a feng shui consultant and she's usually able to pass off her lack of modern conveniences as a weird eccentricity.

Unfortunately Eva's well organised life is about to come crashing down around her ears though. There is a very good reason that Eva has always kept her abilities secret, only a few very select people know what she is capable of and she wants to keep it that way so she doesn't end up in a government lab somewhere being experimented on. Unluckily for her she wasn't quite careful enough and someone has figured it out. Suddenly Eva finds herself being blackmailed into taking care of a stolen baby elephant, an elephant who happens to be at the centre of a conspiracy that puts not just Eva's life in danger but also the lives of everyone she cares about.

I can't even begin to tell you how many times I laughed out loud reading this story, Rebecca Chastain has quickly become one of my favourite humours writers and her quirky characters along with the crazy situations they get themselves into never fail to make me giggle. I honestly don't know where she comes up with her ideas but as long as she keeps writing them down I'll be a very happy reader. Add in brilliant characters, a sweet romance, great friendships and an adorable baby elephant and of course Tiny Glitches is going to be a winner. If you're looking for a light hearted paranormal romance, one that will have you laughing until there are tears in your eyes, then you can't go wrong with this book. My one slight complaint was that the romance was a little rushed but you know what? I was having so much fun reading this story that I just don't care about that. I don't know if this will end up being part of a series or not but I would absolutely love to read more about Eva and Hudson, I think Eva's abilities are so interesting that the author could take the story pretty much anywhere and I really hope it's something she considers.

Tiny Glitches is a brilliant, quirky and lighthearted paranormal romance and it's just cemented Rebecca Chastain's name on my auto-buy list of authors.

Source: Received from Rebecca Chastain in exchange for an honest review

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